June 05, 2007

Sanctions on Sudan!

Sanctions this week on the Sudanese government mark a much-needed victory for the Bush administration. The on-going violent situation in Sudan's Darfur has been declared a genocide. The world and popular media has paid little attention, except when "pop" stars like Angelina Jolie make a comment about it in Hollywood. President Bush announced the sanctions last Tuesday from the White House.
For too long the people of Darfur have suffered at the hands of a government that is complicit in the bombing, murder and rape of innocent civilians. My administration has called these actions by their rightful name: genocide. The world has a responsibility to help put an end to it.

...First the Department of Treasury is tightening U.S. economic sanctions on Sudan. With this new effort, the United States will more aggressively enforce existing sanctions against Sudan's government.

...Second, we're targeting sanctions against individuals responsible for violence. These sanctions will isolate these persons by cutting them off from the U.S. financial system, barring them from doing business with any American citizen or company, and calling the world's attention to their crimes.

Third, I'm directing the secretary of state to consult with the United Kingdom and other allies on a new United Nations Security Council resolution.

...At the same time, we will continue to push for U.N. support, including funding for the African Union peacekeepers who remain the only force in Darfur that is protecting the people. We will continue to work for the deployment of a larger hybrid force of A.U. and U.N. peacekeeping troops. (full transcript)
While media and citizen alike harp on President Bush over each killing and violent act in Iraq, few eyes ever read consistent headlines about Darfur. Bush ought to be congratulated and celebrated by his people this week. He is the leading the country in human rights and social justice. This is President Bush's presidential goal, and this week he's in the right direction.


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