February 10, 2007

Opposing Intellegence on Iran... let's be sure this time before we isolate another country for weapons

This morning, U.S. officials are asserting that bombs and other weapons used against American troops in Iraq are coming in from neighboring Iran. FOXNews reports that "U.S. military commanders in Iraq have shown members of Congress explosive devices that bear Iranian markings as evidence Tehran is supplying Iraqi militants with bombs." Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut is quoting saying, "I'm convinced from what I've seen that the Iranians are supplying and are giving assistance to the people in Iraq who are killing American soldiers." Defense Secretary Robert Gates has also confirmed this belief, saying "serial numbers and other markings linked the Iranians to explosives used by insurgents in Iraq." Can the U.S. government, especially the Bush administration, be trusted again in determining which country has deadly weapons?
BUT, this week's Newsweek is telling a different story.
The White House has ratcheted up rhetorical attacks, suggesting that Iranian government elements were supplying Iraqi Shia insurgents with deadly weapons technology. But the idea that Iran plays a key role in fomenting violence inside Iraq took a knock last week with the publication, by the U.S. intelligence czar's office, of a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq. The NIE, representing the consensus view of all 16 U.S. intel agencies, says that because sectarian antagonisms among Iraqis themselves are so intense and 'self-sustaining,' Iranian or Syrian involvement is "not likely to be a major driver of violence.
Some analysts think most of the sensors are used for innocent purposes: they note that the devices are so widely available that would-be supporters of Iraqi militants could simply buy them in an Iranian store and smuggle them to Iraq; high-level government involvement wouldn't be necessary."

One has to ask if serial numbers on allegedly Iranian-exported bombs could possibly be true. It's quite amazing we found the bombs and weapons, let alone read them! This blogger finds it quite alarming and chilling that the government is (once again) going against consensus in its accusations. The government's anti-Iran chitchat has been tuned in for several weeks now, but President Bush's own super CIA (the NIE) is quelling the claims. Hopefully Americans can see the inconsistencies here and demand investigations and answers. Haven't we learned anything at all after we found no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) at all in Iraq? Isn't that what this war is about? Or not...?

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