February 08, 2007

Great and Horrible Day For Republicans

Good for Republicans: In raids in Iraq this morning, Iraqi and US forces captured the deputy health minister, reports the BBC. As for positive foreign relations, six-party negotiation talks with North Korea seem to be looking up, report many media, including Reuters, AP, and The New York Times. Not much talk on why and how the talks are going well. Let us hope. Lastly, an Army official reports there was no mistreatment in a case at Guantanamo Bay (story on CBS News). The all-too-famous terrorist holding ground has had Bush in hot water for several years now. These moments that make one proud to be an American coincide nicely with moments not to be one... (and of course, the Scooter Libby perjury trial!)

Bad for Republicans: Officials are reporting the sixth downing of a helicopter in three weeks in Baghdad, reports Reuters. More bad news to follow. Problems in the US housing market will cause bad debt provisions for 2006 to be 20% higher than expected, reports the BBC.
The slowing growth of the US housing market had led to more people not meeting repayments, HSBC said

. President Bush has his work cut out for him, day to day to day to day, even today.

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