December 13, 2006

Digg this: Still digging for answers to 9/11?

Nothing in my life shocked me to my core as much as the morning of September 11, 2001. NYC's twin towers crashing down broke the hearts of a nation. And nothing wells up as much emotion and heartbreak as that day America wept... except when I hear mumblings suspecting fowl play. The humdrum of conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 has died down, or so I thought. When I hear people or blogger (well, they are people too) talk of 9/11 as a conspiracy, as one big sheet pulled over everybody's eyes, I shudder. Can this be so? Who could have done it? President Bush? The media? Most people keenly believe that since Nixon went down for his woolly conspiracy, it must be impossible to pull of another. Should we live in such confidence? Since the days of Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird we have known that war makes money and stimulates the economy.

The government and the media are supposed to keep each other in check. It sends chills straight through my body to think of them teaming up and spinning America's biggest tragedy of recent for profitable gain. Much to my surprise there have been strong cases suggesting it. Am I believer? I don't know yet. No one knows... yet.

StillDiggin ( is asking a lot of questions. With dozens and dozens of investigative posts over the past three months, these guys may be moving toward an award-wining find. They have interviews, pictures, maps, media, and many unanswerable questions to present. They are using math, geometry, eye witnesses, and statistics. They want to be heard. I find this to be blogging at its finest. (I am not saying I think they are right. Their stuff is way above my head-- see for yourself.) But they are taking it seriously and should be applauded. Somebody ought to start listening.

Please, if you apt, explain the findings.


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