December 18, 2006

Dems to support Bush? And impeachment q's left out of polls?

In Miss Gerry Charlotte Phelps's fantastic blog, she predicts that Dems Will Move Toward Bush's Iraq War Policy:
1. A Democrat Congress is already credited with "losing" the War in Vietnam. (After Nixon and Kissinger negotiated a "withdrawal with honor" with the North Vietnamese in December 1974, the South Vietnamese government was managing the war on its own with U.S. financial support - just as China and the U.S.S.R. were financially supporting the North Vietnamese. But in early 1975 the Democrat Congress suddenly voted to cut off U.S. funding to the South Vietnamese. New President Ford vetoed the bill, but the Dems overturned his veto. The South Vietnamese government fell soon after.)
2. Getting blamed for a defeat in Iraq would be political suicide for the Dems. While some Dems would like to see us defeated, most would not. And even those who would like that will come to understand that losing the war because of the action of a Democrat-controlled Congress would in fact be political suicide. If the young democratic Iraqi government falls because of the Dems, they can forget about keeping the Congress Democrat in the next election. They can also forget about electing a Democrat President in 2008 and for some time after that.
3. Reality will set in. When the Dems come up against the hard realities of Iraq - especially the testimony of the Generals - they will come to understand that the Bush war policy is, and has been, just about the only policy available, considering the continually-changing conditions on the ground. They will scramble to explain their change in policy as being what they meant all along, of course. But the reality in Iraq is the only reality available. And again, they don't dare take the responsibility for losing this war. Once they understand that any other way but Bush's will lose it, they will grudgingly come around to some kind of support of his war policies.

Much higher thinking than the usual rhetoric—hats off you to you. Even 2008 election contenders Hillary Clinton and John McCain support finishing the war in Iraq. (John McCain was in Israel today supporting the families of two Israeli POWs, thus also support war in Israel?). An incomplete finish in Iraq would lead to a hostile militant take over and would prove a "loss of control" on behalf of America. The American nation would be divided and harshly embarrassed. May we avoid this and finish boldly.

MyDD informs us that "this week, local activists organized over 60 enthusiastic impeachment events and began collecting 1 million signatures for impeachment" but wonders why national pollsters aren't asking for American opinions on a possible impeachment for Bush. They write,
A majority of Americans have supported impeachment since the Ipsos poll of 10/11/05. Two weeks before the November election, Newsweek again found a 51%-44% majority for impeachment.
So why aren't pollsters including an impeachment question in every poll they take?

A year ago, pollsters claimed "no one" in Congress or the punditocracy was talking about impeachment. Since then, there has been lots of talk about impeachment both in Washington and in the media, and at least 6 excellent books. There was also a heated debate during the campaign when Republicans tried to use the impeachment issue as a reason for voters to reject Democrats. Despite the negative attacks, Democrats swept both chambers of Congress!
So what excuse do pollsters have now?

The obvious excuse is that Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is "off the table." But since when does one politician decide what can or cannot be discussed?

George Bush says pulling our troops out of Iraq is "off the table." He has delivered this message dozens of times since Rep. John Murtha first proposed a timetable for strategic redeployment. He repeated it after the Iraq Study Group echoed Murtha's proposal. Nevertheless, the question of removing troops from Iraq is now included in every poll on Iraq.
So if Bush can't veto the question of leaving Iraq, why can Pelosi veto the question of impeaching Bush?

Here is a list of pollsters, poll reporters and editors. Let's ask them (politely of course) why they refuse to poll on impeachment!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

MyDD even has an already-written letter you can e-mail to these folks. Want to see American opinions on a possible Bush impeachment? Send a friendly e-mail. Nancy Pelosi should not be silencing the rights of Americans.


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