December 18, 2006

A bit bereaved…

Eager bloggers hear about a topic that drives people crazy and haste to bash everybody up and down. I’m days away from feeling that angry and ready to dip my feet in the angry water. There is a lot of mention about impeachment these days. There are elements of the same go-around as last time we had a President. Rep. Cynthia McKinney, on her way out, has filed a bill to impeach President Bush. Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi laughed it off, most inappropriately.

Impeachment, for those who don’t know or may have forgotten, on a federal (or state) official for crimes such as treason or bribery, or in Bush’s alleged case, high crimes or misdemeanors. The subsequent two are not easily defined by the Constitution, making the whole preceding, to a certain degree, very sore.

Dems are now avoiding McKinney like the black plague (or should I say bird flu?). I have heard many dubious conversations about how she’ll “never get the 2/3 vote” or “she just did it to get attention” instead of the important issue at hand: did President Bush commit an impeachable crime(s)? Most people forget that an impeachment is not the same as criminal charges. It shocks me how many people do not want to see evidence for the case or find out the truth. The slightly-extreme Truth Movement should not be the only interested citizens. If there is a chance that he committed the crime(s), should he not be investigated just because he is of the same party as you? Republican citizens need to stop trying to protect their own, their pride, and their rap and start caring about his country, democracy, and the Constitution.

An investigation is fair, no matter what side you are on. An investigation doesn’t mean he’s guilty. For all we know, President Bush may shock us with his honestly and gullibleness. This shouldn’t be about party lines. America started a war and invaded two countries—lives have been lost and sacrificed. These precious lives have not been for the sake of the President in office but rather the liberties that Americans enjoy, too often without social responsibility or political awareness. I say investigate, after all, he is innocent until proven guilty.


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Revelation 13:5 - Are we in this 42 month period?

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