July 24, 2006

Saddam and I both aren't feeling too hungry... WWIII crisis and Venezuela gas crisis??

Saddam Hussein is on trial and has been conducting a hunger strike for the past 17 days!! Today, as the Washington Post reports car bombs in Kirkuk,Iraq killed at least 66 Iraqis, ex-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein awaits trial for murder and genocide. Reuters reports that Saddam is currently on-trial for killing 148 Shi'ite men and teenagers in Dujail in 1982. Soon he'll be on trial for genocide against the Kurds in the 1980s in the Anfal campaign. Sidenote on the Anfal campaign:
The Anfal campaign, which began in 1986 and lasted until 1989, is said to have cost the lives of 182,000 civilians, according to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.... "Arabization," another major element of Al-Anfal, was a tactic used by Hussein's regime to drive Kurdish families out of their homes in cities like Kirkuk, which are in the valuable oil field areas. The campaign utilized heavy population redistribution... Kurds have always referred to these attacks as the genocide. In December 2005 a court in The Hague ruled that the killing of thousands of Kurds in Iraq in the 1980s was an act of genocide.... During Anfal campaign, the Iraqi government destroyed about 4,000 villages in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Iraqi government executed approximately 182,000 men, women, and children, 1,754 schools destroyed, 2,450 mosques destroyed, 27 churches destroyed, hospitals destroyed, and around 75% of villages wiped out. (Wikipedia)
Today Saddam was placed on a feeding tube because of his hunger strike.

I'm feeling not-so-hungry my self. I've been thinking a lot about WWIII. Is this it? These are my thoughts: it's got huge potential to be. It's so racially, religiously, ethnically, and radically driven. Both sides claim they are conducting "retaliation" with not a sign of hopeful, peaceful future relations. There is the threat of Syria and Iran backing up Lebanon and that is frightening. I mean, we, America, are technically in this. Should Iran or Syria decide to get in too they have reason to conduct war on America because we are supporting Israel. That has been boggling my mind as of late. I've lost focus on what I'm supposed to be doing one too many times the past few days. Should a few other countries decide to jump in (on either side), this really could be the beginning of WWIII. And oh how I've scoffed at a few emotion-driven politicians who have called this Israel-Hezbollah crisis the World War 3. But we are only baby steps away from a "political crisis" that may just involve most of the world. But we are also baby steps away from an end too. For the first time U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said that there is a need for an immediate ceasefire. Reuters reports,
"It is very important to establish conditions under which a ceasefire can take place. We believe that a ceasefire is urgent... It is important to have conditions that will make it also sustainable," Rice said.
The United States has resisted calls for an immediate ceasefire, saying any cessation of hostilities must address the root causes of the conflict, which Washington blames on Hizbollah and its allies, Syria and Iran.

President Bush and the U.S. have been against any sort of ceasefire that would not be harsh on Hezbollah. This is truly where the path splits-- where there are two directions this crisis can go, but not both. Either a ceasefire can be called and hopefully things can get back on track to the creation peace in the Middle East. Palestine and Israel need their own separate states that will not be run by dictators or militant groups. Or, more countries will have to get involved in the crisis and hostilities will go haywire. Let's take the path less taken.

Perhaps even more citizens will take to caring about political issues soon when America has a gas crisis. Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee, Richard Lugar, has told President Bush to adopt specific "contingency plans" in case of a disruption of oil supplies from Venezuela. MSNBC reports,
Mr Lugar's warning follows the release last month of an investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that the US was ill-prepared for an oil embargo by Venezuela, the world's fifth largest ex­porter. President Hugo Chávez, whose government has been emboldened by a torrent of oil revenues, has several times warned that he would "cut off" oil supplies to the US if Washington persisted in allegedly plotting his overthrow.... The GAO study, commissioned by Mr Lugar, a Republican, estimated that a Venezuelan oil boycott would raise oil prices by $11 per barrel over a six-month period and reduce US economic output by $23bn.... Venezuela ships two-thirds of its oil to the US.... One of Mr Chávez's policy goals is to reduce dependence on the US as its main market and send more oil to China.


Blogger Marshall Darts said...

Coming Soon-WW III-from the People Who Brought You Iraq

They never cease to amaze. The same people who have us in a mess in Iraq want to solve the problem they created by having more of our troops fighting a wider war throughout the Middle East and Iran.

Who is telling us this is WW III, and by implication, trying to justify a wider conflict to include Syria and Iran? The same geniuses who helped get us into Iraq. Newt Gingrich, William Kristol, Sean (high school) Hannity, Oliver North, William (the virtuous gambler) Bennett, Bill O'Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes. Not one day of military service out of the whole group.

I guess they figure that if they can't win a smaller war they can win a larger one, though I fail to see how that follows. Do not expect even the U.K. to be around for the next misadventure the neocons want to undertake. Once Tony Blair is gone his successor has the perfect opportunity to get out of a bad situation and I think he'll take it.

Instead of figuring out a diplomatic way to get us out of the Middle East, these yo-yo's keep trying to find a military victory somewhere, anywhere, as an excuse for their strategic ineptitude.

The people are saying in poll after poll, "Get out", and the neocons are promising to drag them further into the Middle East quagmire.

This latest attempt won't work to scare the American people into voting Republican in November. Just the opposite, it will scare them into getting rid of their Republican representatives so that don't have to send even more troops to the Middle East and stay even longer.

1:08 AM  
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