July 03, 2006

Rape in Iraq and Supreme Court Cast Scorn on President Bush

The Associated Press reports today that an American ex-soldier has been charged with the rape of Iraqi woman and the murder of her family. Steven D. Green is a 21-year-old former Army private first class who was discharged because of a "personality disorder". The rape victim's age could be pinned down, but she could have been as young as 14. The cover-up and the crime surely put President Bush in the shadow of scorn as his approval ratings continue to dip under 50%. Thursday's Supreme Court ruling and its implications on President Bush and war in Iraq are just beginning a turbulent battle on Capitol Hill. The Supreme Court undercut the President last week by applying international law to his war on terrorism. The ruling opens the door to the possibility of the President and servicemen being tried for war crimes. Pete Yost of the Associated Press wrote today,
"Of all the steps the Supreme Court could have taken to undercut President Bush's legal position in the war on terror, applying international law to al-Qaida probably would have been the worst."
A country divided will not stand-- if there is any truth to that, there is sure to be more opposition to President Bush in coming months and harsh consequences in the way President Bush continues to operate his war on al-Qaida and terrorism. But the President's war on terrorism marches on today, with Saddam Hussein's wife and eldest daughter named in a list of 41 counted among Iraq's Most Wanted. President George W. Bush... the most powerful man in America and in politics right now... being held by checks and balances that promote fairness and liberty... or being held back as puppet on strings, having to settle for a job half done?



Blogger Justine said...

Rape does not make a fifteen year old an adult. She was a child not a "woman".

7:35 PM  

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