July 20, 2006

Bush faces moral issues and war war war

Well, he did it. President George W. Bush vetoed the stem-cell research funding bill yesterday. Government funds will not be used for stem-cell research. Newspapers, like the Arizona Republic, ran headlines that read "Bush's stem-cell veto likely to cost GOP in fall elections. Many are predicting that the timing and moral issues surrounding Bush's veto could negatively affect the November congressional elections. Republicans in favor of stem-cell research include Nancy Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In other moral issues... The House passed legislation yesterday to protect the Pledge of Allegiance as it is. The House voted 260-167 to protect the Pledge which contains the phrase "Under God".

Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice is headed to the United Nations tonight to begin multi-country talks about what is being called a "military crisis" between Hezbollah and Israel. The United States tragically remains opposed to peacekeeping initiatives. The Lebanese prime minister is begging for such actions. The New York Times quotes P.M. Fouad Siniora;
"Is this the price we pay for aspiring to build our democratic institutions?"

The U.S. is supporting Israel's attack on the Shiite guerilla group Hezbollah. Israel said yesterday that is had wiped out half of Hezbollah's arsenal after a week of fighting. There is an on-going effort to kill Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah.
The U.S. has finally started to help thousands of American in Lebanon to flee the country. Israel has launched bomb, rocket, and shell attacks on the city. A thousand citizens boarded a cruise ship yesterday en route to Cyprus. The NY Times also reports that much of the population in Lebanon has fled.
U.N. high commissioner for human rights, Louise Arbour, said the fighting may amount to war crimes.

The United State's support in the conflict between Israel and Lebanon has angered Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He said,
"I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo to take quick action to stop these aggressions."

This state marks what the Arizona Republic called a "sharp break with President Bush's position and highlight[s] the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East". For better or for worse...

The strong Muslim military identity may actually be growing stronger around the world. In Somalia, Africa Islamic militiamen are holding most of the southern country and are trying to seize the U.N.-backed interim government. The United States has linked this group with al-Qaida.

In other violent news, Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Salam al-Zubaie is blaming U.S. forces for half of the 6,000 civilian casualties.

Over all, pretty depressing news. Much violence in the world and not enough peace-keepers. President Bush is making headway on his moral agenda but lacks the diplomatic thrust needed for democratic unity in the world.


Blogger Bobby said...

I appreciate your comment. Also this world needs more true peace adocates like yourself. Too many today advocate promoting peace, but the only thing that emerges from there way of acheiving peace is destruction and grief. Keep up the good work. Bobby

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