June 30, 2006

War crimes for President Bush?

The President that fought so hard to bring war crimes against Saddam Hussein... moving closer to being charged with war crimes himself?

Big news. The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President Bush's administration's plan to put Guantnamo detainees on trial before military commissions violates international law and concluded that the commissions were unauthorized by federal statute.

The Washington Post wrote today,
Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, definitively curbing the Bush White House's assertion of nearly unlimited executive power in a time of war, puts the other two branches of government back in business... The ruling even raises the possibility that U.S. forces and Bush administration officials could be tried for war crimes.

The Court says a provision of the Geneva Convention called Common Article 3 applies to the Guantnamo detainees and is enforceable in federal court for their protection. (read that here).

President Bush for war-crimes? Everyone is accusing everyone of everything! Yikes! First no WMDs, then Oil-For-Food, then last week's security breech by the nation's top newspapers, and now the Republican-run Supreme Court slowing Bush down? Wow. And next, war-crimes?


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