June 14, 2006

Still waiting for Bush and his war council to meet!

A top-notch scam by the government! (of course!!) While we "waited" for news from the supposed meeting President George W. Bush was going to hold at Camp David with his war council, President Bush popped up in Iraq itself! The meeting with advisors and President Bush's was council was a hoax, an understandable cover-up for the President's trip out to Iraq. President Bush encouraged the troops and promised protection. I stand still waiting for President Bush to gather together his war council and decide on a more definite plan for Iraq-- how to set up the new government, fight continued terrorism and unrest, and how (and WHEN!) to begin sending home our troops. We'll keep waiting for that answer. No more tricks, okay, Bush? Gosh, he promised what sounded like a WONDERFUL thing. He still did a wonderful thing by going to Iraq, yes, but those guys need to finish up in Iraq and send our troops home safely!

Makes me wonder what else the government may be using for hoax ;)


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