May 27, 2007

War in Israel next?

Maybe President Bush just doesn't like countries that start with "I"...

Eruptions, political and literal, are breaking out in the Gaza Strip. Israeli aircrafts have been striking at Hamas. The AP reports today: “An 11-day campaign of Israeli airstrikes aimed at halting the rocket attacks from Gaza has killed 49 Palestinians, mostly militants. Hamas said the attacks would continue as long as the Israeli airstrikes persist.”

A blogger I frequently keep up on, Shimon Zachary Klein in Israel, says:
The tragedy of hate between Israelis and Palestinians results in death and tragedy on both sides. The violence in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah continues unabated. Even the fifth cease-fire between the two sides will not hold indefinitely….
The funeral processions are endless. Revenge and counter revenge! Revenge and counter revenge! Hate and counter hate continues unabated. The violence does not end. Blood flows in the streets! Leaders on both sides watch impotently. Who is to blame? The blood of innocent people is crying for a solution, which is ever evasive to both sides of an eternal conflict over land and faith. The Israeli Air Force are carrying out pin point attacks on Hamas institutions in the hope of stopping the Qassam rocket fire into Israel.
The Palestinians claim that their human rights have been curtailed under Israeli occupation. The Israelis have to bear the full burden of the violence, which increases unabated and is becoming more and more uncontrollable. The hate and lack of trust is gaining ground rapidly. There does not seem to be an end in sight.

Seems like a downward spiral of blame and confusion, slowly pulling the U.S. in...

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this event scares me

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