July 23, 2006

Violence in Iraq and Israel... so early in the morning? And a Lewinsky scandal for Bush?

BBC News greets us early this morning of a car bomb that has killed at least "26 people in a mainly Shia Muslim area of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. More than 60 others were injured in the attack near a market in the eastern district of Sadr City" (here).

And this just in: British Foreign Office minister Kim Howells has publicly bashed Israel's bombing of Lebanon. The U.S. ally, Britain, has thus far been some-what support. According to the BBC, he continued, "The destruction of the infrastructure, the death of so many children and so many people. These have not been surgical strikes" (here).

Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin is very angry about President Bush's veto of stem cell legislation last week. According to Courier-Medill News Service, he has vowed to reintroduce the bill after the November election. Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette is pretty pissed too. She called President Bush's veto a "old, calculated, cynical political gain" (the AP reported, here). (if you want to have a voice either way about it, skip a paragraph and e-mail your reps!)

Here's what I'm angry about. All this silly attention a so-called incident between President Bush and German chancellor Angela Merkel is stirring! Ridiculous, annoying, and oh, it makes the liberals look oh-so immature! I've heard everything from calling a "love massage" to the next Lewinsky scandal! Oh please!

Here's kind of a neat idea. This webpage allows you to e-mail Congress and Senate members. If you have a burning desire to be heard and a worthy platform, send off an e-mail.


Anonymous Art said...

Perhaps the Merkel incident wouldn't have hapened if the Prez had remembered he was at a meeting of world leaders and not a frat party.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, true

3:51 AM  

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